"A Night in Koenji, Tokyo (excerpt) (2014)"



Improvisation live performance with


Yu Sonoda (Butoh)

Kenichi Sonoda (Vox)


@ Muryoku Muzenji, Koenji, Tokyo on Sept 27th 2014



"EXPOSURE" performance (2014)


Opening performance at the Sin Sin Fine Art, Hong Kong

Dwi Setianto (pick-up bamboo percussion)
Nao Sakamoto (prepared guitar)

Sin Sin Fine Art
Hosted by Sin Sin & Eriko Taira



Movie : In The Urban Forest #2 (2012)

This film is the session live performance "In The Urban Forest-2" with Miki Naoe & Aya at cafe & bar Marquee, Tokyo on Dec 8th 2012.


Nao Sakamoto (prepared guitar / visual)

Miki Naoe (radio)

with Aya (butoh)



Advent - Movie (2012)


Performers :

Daidi Meguro (butoh)

Masumi Saito (butoh)

Aya (butoh)


Nao Sakamoto / Chromasonus (prepared guitar)


produced by Naoko Yamagishi (Studio Maya) / Nao Sakamoto


©2012 Naoko Yamagishi / Chromasonus



Advent - solo part (2012)


Advent - Nao Sakamoto : solo part (2012)

- scene from the performance "Advent - Final Stage" at the Bungeishunju Gallery Tokyo on June 9th, 2012


filmed by Hiroyoshi Takishima / Plastic Rains

Produced & edited by Nao Sakamoto / Chromasonus



Advent : edit version (2012)


Live performance at the Bungeishunju Gallery, Tokyo on June 9th,2012


Aya (butoh)

Nao Sakamoto (prepared guitar)


filmed by Hiroyoshi Takishima / Plastic Rains

Produced & edited by Nao Sakamoto / Chromasonus



"In The Urban Forest " Session One (2012)





"In The Urban Forest " Session Two_Encore (2012)



Live performance with Yokohama based radio player Miki Naoe at the Kouendori Classics, Tokyo on July 29th 2012.


Nao Sakamoto / Chromasonus (prepared guitar)

Miki Naoe (Radios)

Action Painting : Naoki Iwakawa feauturing Nao Sakamoto in LETTEr ARTS vol.10 (2012)

- HQ sound version

Naoki Iwakawa from NYC (action painting / bass guitar)

Nao Sakamoto (prepared guitar)

filmed by Tatsuo Nishide


* another angle version by KyotoEco

Villa Katakai Session - excerpt (2012)

with Masumi Saito (butoh) at the Villa Takatai, Chiba, Japan



Mizu Ga Umaretekuru (Water Comes into Existence) on Jan 21st 2012

with Ami Yamasaki (voice) at the Foxhole in Kicjijoji, Tokyo



The Improvisation Performance "Villa Katakai" on Dec 25th,2011

with Daiji Meguro (Butoh) , Naoko Yamagishi (painting) & Masanori Omae (photo)

Session Performance "ARTVEKTOR 8" in Yokohama on July 17th 2011

with Zell / Takashi Suzuki (synthesizer & percussion) , atmos-sphere (percussions)

Dancers : Maria, MIYUKI etc

VJs : Osamucom & Ryota Takahashi

excerpt from "09112011" at Ongoing Gallery, Tokyo on Sept 11th 2011

with Masymi Saito ( body movement from London)



Solo Live Performance in Hikone City, Japan on Jan 23rd 2011

video edited by Junichi Baba


Improvised Session with NASA in Hikone City on Jan 23rd 2011

NASA (guitar)

Nao Sakamoto (prepared guitar)


video edited by Junichi Baba

@ Brillia Short Shorts Theater, Yokohama 2010

Free Improvised Laptop performance in Yokohama on July 11th 2010

Nao Sakamoto ( laptop , effectors )

Naoya Ninomiya ( visual by MAX / JITTER , additional sound )

Live at RAFT, Nakano Tokyo on Oct 10th, 2009

played prepared guitar

Solo Performance at the Hair Club Paris, Tokyo on July 1st 2009

videographer by Takuya Ishikawa

from "Stoned Soul Picnic vol. 21- Japanoise" 


@ Shibuya APIA,Tokyo


Aya (butho)

I.MAQ (piano / voice)

Ryo (three stringed-Japanese banjo / voice)  

Seed Mouth (electronics)

Nao Sakamoto (laptop)

Azu Minami + Nao Sakamoto @ Platform Studio Gallery, Ginza Tokyo on May 16th 2009

Azu Minami (butoh)

Nao Sakamoto (laptop / electronics / microphone)

Chromasonus performance #1 : sound + video + butoh @ Shibuya (2009)

video manipulation by Shige Moriya (The Cave Organization, Inc USA)

butoh by Daidi Meguro (NUDE)


*Nao Sakamoto uses 2 Macintosh laptops & electronics


Improvised Performance with Ami Yamasaki (2006) @ Kunitachi City, Tokyo 2006


Nao Sakamoto (electronics)

Ami Yamasaki (guitar / voice)


"Phenomenon / Espoir" action painting performance @ The Cave / The Cave Organization ,Inc USA in 2004.


Naoki Iwakawa (action painting)

Nao Sakamoto (Roland JV-90 / electronics / laptop)


excerpt from DVD "Phenomenon / Espoir" - intro part (2004)


film by Tomoho Miyazawa

sound organized & composed by Nao Sakamoto


excerpt from DVD "Phenomenon / Espoir" : In-Between (2004)

film by Tomoho Miyazawa

sound organized & composed by Nao Sakamoto


Total Eclipse


action painting by Naoki Iwakawa

sound organized & composed by Nao Sakamoto


sound taken from "Cenesthesia (1998)"


* the quality of this track is too bad because of editing process

『Into Fruition-Acion』

(by Terrence Kelleman / sound organized by Nao Sakamoto)

『Brutal Silence』

(by Terrence Kelleman / sound organized by Nao Sakamoto)